This is the best Hiking Hat

After meticulously testing each option, I’ve concluded that the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat is the best hiking hat, standing out as the best all-around hiking hat for its exceptional sun protection, breathability, and adaptability.

As an avid hiker, I’ve spent countless hours exploring the wilderness, braving sun, wind, and rain. Over the years, I’ve tested numerous hiking hats, hoping to find the perfect combination of protection, comfort, and versatility.

The Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat doesn’t just offer comprehensive protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays; it also excels in terms of comfort and ventilation. Its lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry, even during strenuous hikes under the scorching sun.

While the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat excels as an all-purpose hiking hat, there are certain nuances to consider when choosing the right hat for specific circumstances.

To uncover the best hiking hat for your individual needs, continue reading as we delve deeper into the nuances of each option, guiding you towards the perfect choice for your outdoor adventures.

Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat

The best hiking hat overall

When the sun is relentless and you’re out on the trail, you need a hat that’s just as tenacious when it comes to protection. Enter the Sunday Afternoons Ultra Adventure Hat. This isn’t just a hat; it’s your personal shade provider with a wide brim and a UPF 50+ rating, making it the ultimate ally against the sun’s rays. Let’s break down why this hat is a trailblazer:

– The wide brim ensures that your face and neck are covered from every angle.
– UPF 50+ rating is your best defense against harmful UV radiation.
– The neck cape isn’t just for superheroes—it’s your guard against sunburn and pesky bugs.
– When it’s time to pack up, this hat collapses down to fit snugly in your backpack or fanny pack without complaint.


I’ve tested this hat in the unforgiving desert and the sticky humidity of rainforests. Its wide brim has never failed to shield me from the sun’s embrace, keeping sunburns at bay. And when the bugs come buzzing, the neck cape is my secret weapon. Even on the hottest days, the breathable fabric of the hat has stood by me, making sure comfort is always top of mind. Trust me, it’s a difference you can feel.

Who is it for

If you’re the adventurer who seeks to conquer diverse landscapes and needs serious sun and insect protection, the Ultra Adventure Hat is your faithful companion.

Outdoor Research Swift Cap

The best hiking hat for warm days

Sometimes, less is more, especially when it comes to staying cool. The Outdoor Research Swift Cap is a testament to that, with a design that favors ventilation without skimping on sun protection. It’s the cap that thinks it’s a hat, and here’s why it deserves a spot in your outdoor gear:

– The cap’s open-structured design and mesh panels invite breezes to come and dance around your head.
– A sweatband that works overtime to wick away moisture, keeping your vision clear and forehead dry.
– Adjustable fit? Check. Comfortable, non-slip headband? Double-check.
– When it’s time to hit the road, this cap folds up smaller than a love letter and fits into your pocket with ease.


I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. But the Swift Cap won me over with its breezy demeanor and its refusal to let sweat ruin a good hike. Its wide brim and the mesh ventilation system work in tandem to keep you cool under pressure. And that secure fit means the cap stays put, whether you’re scaling a peak or taking a breather.

Who is it for

For the hiker who’s not afraid to work up a sweat but wants their headgear to be as light as their step, the Swift Cap is your go-to.

REI Sahara Sun Path Hat

The best hiking hat for sun protection

When the sun is on a mission to find any unprotected spot, the REI Sahara Sun Path Hat is your knight in shining armor. With a design that’s all about encompassing protection, this hat is serious about keeping you safe from the sun. Here’s the scoop:

– That wide, 360-degree brim isn’t messing around—it’s got you covered from every angle.
– UPF 50+ protection is like having sunscreen built into your hat, only better.
– The non-slip sweatband keeps the hat where it belongs, and comfort is a priority.
– And when it’s time to pack, this hat is more than accommodating, folding up without a fuss.


This hat is my first pick for days when the sun is playing no games. That all-encompassing brim is like having your own personal eclipse—constant shade, no matter where the sun is hiding. And with the UPF 50+ rating, I hike with peace of mind, knowing my skin is shielded. Comfortable and practical, this hat is a true trail king.

Who is it for

If you’re the type who likes their sun protection like their coffee—full coverage and reliable—the Sahara Sun Path Hat is made for you.

Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat

The best hiking hat for durability

A hat that lasts is a hat that becomes part of your adventure story. The Tilley LTM6 Airflo Hat is crafted to be a lasting chapter in your outdoor saga. It’s the hat that endures, and here’s why it’s worth every penny:

– Constructed with rugged materials that laugh in the face of wear and tear.
– UPF 50+ rating—the sun’s rays don’t stand a chance.
– A perfect fit is ensured with an adjustable sweatband for all-day comfort.
– It’s not just a hat—it’s a fortress, complete with a visor, ventilation, and even a bug net.


Years of hiking and this hat still stands proud. It’s witnessed countless sunrises and weathered many storms, and yet it shows no sign of giving up. The sun protection is uncompromised, and ventilation holes mean I can keep my cool when the heat is on. With a visor for when the sun is in attack mode and a bug net for insect-heavy trails, this hat is the ultimate outdoor warrior.

Who is it for:

For those who treat their gear like a trusty sidekick and demand durability that matches their relentless spirit, the LTM6 Airflo is your unwavering ally.

Columbia Bora Bora Booney II

The best budget hiking hat

Quality sun protection doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. The Columbia Bora Bora Booney II is proof that you can shield yourself from the sun without emptying your wallet. Here’s what makes this hat a smart choice:

– A wide brim and UPF 50+ rating give you the sun protection you need without the splurge.
– The headband isn’t just for looks—it wicks sweat away like a pro.
– Mesh ventilation means your head stays cool under pressure.
– An adjustable drawstring closure keeps the hat in place, and the price is just right.


I’ve put the Bora Bora Booney II to the test, and it’s passed with flying colors. The combination of sun protection, moisture management, and breathability is impressive, especially for the price. It doesn’t skimp on comfort either, with an adjustable fit that can withstand a gusty day.

Who is it for

For the hiker who balances their love for the great outdoors with a keen sense of budgeting, the Columbia Bora Bora Booney II is your savvy choice.

What to look for on a Hiking Hat

✔ How do we review

When reviewing the best hiking hats at Geardventure, we took a careful approach that relied on our deep knowledge and direct involvement in hiking. Our process is based on extensive testing, complete research, and direct communication with experienced hikers.

We carefully assessed each hat’s performance, strength, usability, fit, and suitability for different environments. Our hikers tested these hats in various conditions, from forests to mountains, to give you the best recommendations.

We also value user feedback and take into account the experiences and insights of hikers all over the Internet. We listen carefully to reviews and experiences from verified users in online stores, forums, YouTube, and real blogs. This approach allows us to provide a complete review that incorporates not only our own insights but also the knowledge of the wider hiking community.

We combined technical expertise with practical know-how to produce these reliable reviews. As a result, you can confidently choose the best hiking hat for your needs and preferences.

Check out or Review Guidelines if you want to know more.

When you’re gearing up for an outdoor adventure, don’t overlook the significance of a good hiking hat. It’s the unsung hero that shields you from the blazing sun, the relentless rain, and even those pesky bugs that seem to find you no matter where you roam. Let’s dive into what makes a hiking hat not just good, but great.

Material Matters


Imagine you’re trekking up a sun-drenched trail. It’s mid-July, and the heat is relentless. A hat that acts like a sauna for your head? No, thank you. That’s where breathable materials step in. Mesh or cotton, beloved for their airy qualities, allow for that sweet, sweet evaporation of sweat. The result? A cool, dry noggin that keeps you focused on the vistas—not on how much you’re overheating.

Weather Resistance

Fast forward to a crisp autumn hike, where the air has a bite, and mist clings to your every step. Wool or fleece hats are your best friends here, offering a cozy embrace of warmth. And let’s not forget about those sudden downpours. Water-resistant materials come to the rescue, ensuring that a little rain won’t dampen your spirits—or your head.

Fit and Comfort

Secure Fit

A hat that fits like a glove, but, you know, for your head—that’s the goal. It should stay put without playing a game of slip-and-slide or leaving you with that dreaded hat-head chafe. Look for adjustable straps, chin straps, or a well-placed sweatband to find a fit that feels like it’s custom-made for you.

Head Shape and Size

We’re all unique, and so are our heads. Whether yours is oval, round, or oblong, there’s a hat out there that fits just right. Try before you buy, folks. It’s the golden rule to avoid those pesky pressure points and ensure all-day comfort. 

Functionality and Protection

Wide Brim

Here’s the thing about wide brims—they’re not just a style statement. They’re your personal shield against the elements. Sun? Blocked. Rain? Deflected. Wind? Bring it on. The wider the brim, the more you’re covered, literally, from your face to your ears and neck.

UPF Rating

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and it’s basically a sun protection powerhouse for your hat. A UPF rating of 50+? That’s the sweet spot for keeping those harmful UV rays at bay.

Ventilation Options

Mesh panels or ventilation holes might not sound glamorous, but they’re the secret ingredient for a cool head under pressure. They’re like the AC unit of hiking hats, preventing your head from turning into a personal hotbox.

Additional Features


Who doesn’t love a twilight trek? Reflective materials catch the light, making sure you’re seen when the sun decides to call it a day. It’s not just about style—it’s about staying safe.

Storage Pockets

Pockets on a hat might seem like overkill—until you’re the one with easy access to lip balm or trail mix right there on your head. It’s the ultimate convenience.

Sunglass Clip

Ever taken off your hat and sent your sunglasses flying? Not a problem with a built-in sunglass clip. It’s the little things that make a big difference on the trail.

  • Chinstraps: A gust of wind doesn’t stand a chance against a hat with a chinstrap. Secure and steady, just the way we like it.
  • Adjustable Fit: One size does not fit all, but an adjustable fit sure tries its best to accommodate everyone.
  • Sweatband: It’s like a sponge for your brow, keeping the sweat out of your eyes and your focus on the trail.
  • Reflective Elements: Shine bright like a diamond, or at least like a well-prepared hiker with reflective elements on your hat.
  • Packable Design: A hat that you can squish into your pack without any fuss? Yes, please.

Hiking Hat Styles

Whether you’re into the classic look of a bucket hat, the sporty vibe of a baseball cap, or the no-nonsense warmth of a balaclava, there’s a hat style out there that meshes with your outdoor persona. Let’s break down the contenders:

  • Bucket Hats: They’re like a portable shade tree for your head, offering a 360-degree defense against the elements.
  • Baseball Caps: Not just for ball games, folks. They’re your go-to for a quick dash up a hill or a full-on expedition.
  • Sun Hats: Think of them as your personal parasol. Wide brims and plenty of vents? Check and check.
  • Balaclavas: The ninja of cold-weather gear, these guys have you covered—literally—from the neck up.
  • Bandanas: The Swiss Army knife of headwear—tie it, wrap it, love it. It’s the epitome of hiking chic.

Why Hiking Hats are important

A hiking hat isn’t just a fashion accessory; it’s a necessity. It’s the line of defense between you and Mother Nature’s mood swings. A well-chosen hat provides a barrier against the harsh sun, a surprise shower, or an unrelenting wind. It keeps you cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold, and visible when light is scarce.

Summer Hiking Hats

For those scorching summer trails, nothing beats the combo of lightweight materials and a generous brim to keep the sun at bay. Ventilation is key—nobody wants to stew in their own sweat. Remember, UPF 50+ isn’t just a suggestion; it’s your ticket to a burn-free adventure.

Winter Hiking Hats

When the temperature drops, your hat’s job is to trap in the warmth without turning your head into a steam room. Materials that wick away moisture and keep your ears toasty are non-negotiable. And for the love of all things cozy, don’t overlook the charm and practicality of earflaps or a good chin strap.

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