These are the 5 best boots for hiking

After rigorous testing dozens of the best boots for hiking, I confidently declare the Salomon Ultra 3 Mid GTX as the top choice for all-around hiking performance.

As an avid hiker with years of experience, I’ve personally worn and evaluated a wide range of boots, from lightweight trail runners to heavy-duty mountaineering boots. My expertise in this field allows me to provide informed recommendations that align seamlessly with your hiking needs.

The Salomon Ultra 3 Mid GTX stands out for its exceptional balance of comfort, support, stability, and protection. The Gore-Tex membrane ensures waterproofness and breathability, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even in wet conditions. The mid-height design provides ankle support and stability on uneven terrain, while the EnergyCell midsole absorbs impact and enhances energy return.

While the Salomon Ultra 3 Mid GTX excels as an all-around hiking boot, there are a few other boots that may be a better fit for you.

Keep reading to discover why the Salomon Ultra Mid GTX are the best boots for hiking.

Salomon Ultra 3 Mid GTX

The best boots for hiking overall

The best boots for hiking overall

When agility and grip are paramount, the Salomon Ultra 3 Mid GTX hiking boots answer the call. They’re a hybrid of lightweight design and robust functionality, making them suited for both spirited trail runs and challenging hikes.

  • Light and Breathable: No unnecessary weight here.
  • Gore-Tex Membrane: Wetness stays away, and comfort stays put.
  • Vibram Sole: For grip that’s as confident as you are on the trail.
  • Ankle Support: Just the right amount to keep you secure without restriction.


These boots are akin to strapping on a pair of wings—light enough for you to feel fleet-footed, yet substantial enough to keep you grounded. The Gore-Tex membrane is like having a no-entry sign for water, and the Vibram sole ensures your steps stick with confidence.

Who are they for

The versatile outdoor enthusiast who demands a boot that’s as adept at navigating rocky inclines as it is at sprinting down forested paths. Whether you’re pacing through a trail run or embarking on a multi-day hike, the Ultra 3 Mid GTX won’t let you down.

Hi-Tech Altitude Lite

The best budget boots for hiking

If you’re a hiker with an eye on budget without sacrificing comfort, the Hi-Tech Altitude Lite boots might just be your match. They’re the quintessential choice for trekkers who frequent well-maintained trails and prefer not to splash too much cash on their footwear.

  • Affordability: You won’t break the bank with these.
  • Comfort: Long hikes? No problem for the Altitude Lite.
  • Waterproofing: Dry feet are happy feet, and these boots deliver.


Slipping these boots on, you’ll notice they hug your feet with a gentle firmness, ready for a day’s trek. Comfort is king here, especially when you’re clocking miles of smiles on long hikes. The grip won’t rival the premium market leaders, but it’s reliable enough for most adventures—unless you’re scaling slippery surfaces like a mountain goat.

Who are they for

The casual hiker looking for a reliable, comfortable, and waterproof boot that won’t require a loan to acquire.

Karrimor Jaguar Event

The best comfort boots for hiking

When comfort and shock absorption are high on your priority list, the Karrimor Jaguar Event boots step up to the challenge. D30 cushioning technology is the star here, ensuring that each step on the trail or backpacking adventure is less taxing on your feet.

  • Lightweight Design: Easy on the feet and on the move.
  • Comfort with D30 Cushioning: Reduces impact and keeps fatigue at bay.
  • Waterproof: Your feet stay dry, even when the path isn’t.


Ankles rejoice with the supportive embrace of these boots. The magic lies in the D30 cushioning technology that absorbs the shock of each step, reducing fatigue and letting you hike longer and happier. Breathability may take a hit in hotter weather, but that’s a small price for happy soles.

Who are they for

The everyday hiker and backpacker seeking a boot that will cushion their journey and provide relentless comfort.

Berghaus Hillmaster II

The best boots for hiking on winter

Cold weather hikers, behold the Berghaus Hillmaster II. Leather construction coupled with a Gore-Tex membrane ensures your feet remain warm and dry, even when Mother Nature isn’t playing nice.

  • Leather Build: Warmth meets longevity.
  • Gore-Tex Technology: Waterproof and breathable – a dynamic duo.
  • Sturdy Grip: Trustworthy traction for most situations.


These boots are a haven in colder climates—your toes will be toasting while the rest of you braves the chill. The Gore-Tex membrane is like an umbrella for your feet, ensuring dryness in a deluge. While they might not offer a mountaineer’s level of ankle support, they’re sturdy enough for those hearty hill walks.

Who are they for

The adventurer braving the winter trails or embarking on extended backpacking trips who needs a boot that can handle the elements and keep marching on.

Columbia Conspiracy V

The best lightweight boots for hiking

For those who prioritize a featherlight feel without compromising on waterproof qualities, Columbia’s Conspiracy V hiking shoes are a stellar pick. Their breathability is unmatched, making them a fantastic choice for long, scenic hikes.

  • Airy and Comfortable: Like walking on clouds.
  • OutDry Technology: Dry conditions within, regardless of the weather.
  • Reliable Grip: Keeps you grounded without weighing you down.


Long hikes can feel like a breeze with these lightweight shoes, and the OutDry technology ensures any encounter with water is a non-issue. Grip is good—though not the stuff of legends—and while they might not cradle your ankles like a protective parent, they offer enough support for most paths you’ll tread.

Who are they for

The hiker in need of a breathable, lightweight shoe that can effortlessly carry them from valley to vista.

Meindl Bhutan

The best durable boots for hiking

For the hiker who plays the long game, durability is non-negotiable. Enter the Meindl Bhutan. Its leather construction and Gore-Tex lining are a fortress for your feet, while the Vibram sole provides a steadfast grip on various terrains.

  • Rugged Build: Ready to withstand the test of trails and time.
  • Gore-Tex Lined: Wet weather? Not an issue.
  • Vibram Sole: Supreme grip, regardless of the underfoot conditions.


Investing in these boots is like buying a bond—it only gets better with time. They’re a bastion against wetness, and the Vibram sole is a testament to their unwavering grip on life’s slippery slopes. Just remember, with great durability comes great… weight. They’re not your sprinter’s choice, but they’ll endure the marathon with you.

Who are they for

The dedicated hiker seeking a boot that can take a beating across all seasons and come out the other side ready for more.

How to choose the best boots for hiking

✔ How do we review

When reviewing the best boots for hiking at Geardventure, we took a careful approach that relied on our deep knowledge and direct involvement in hiking. Our process is based on extensive testing, complete research, and direct communication with experienced hikers.

We carefully assessed each boot’s performance, strength, usability, fit, and suitability for different environments. Our hikers tested these boots in various conditions, from forests to mountains, to give you the best recommendations.

We also value user feedback and take into account the experiences and insights of hikers all over the Internet. We listen carefully to reviews and experiences from verified users in online stores, forums, YouTube, and real blogs. This approach allows us to provide a complete review that incorporates not only our own insights but also the knowledge of the wider hiking community.

We combined technical expertise with practical know-how to produce these reliable reviews. As a result, you can confidently choose the best boots for hiking for your needs and preferences.

Check out or Review Guidelines if you want to know more.

Now that you’ve got the lay of the land, let’s talk features. Remember, the right fit is king—snug but not tight, like a firm handshake with your foot. Here’s what to consider:

  • Fit: Your boots should be a love letter to your feet—no rubbing, no chafing, just pure walking bliss.
  • Waterproofing: It’s like having an umbrella for your feet. Some boots have it, some don’t—choose wisely based on your climate.
  • Protection: Think of toe caps and shanks as your feet’s personal bodyguards against the trail’s less-than-gentle affections.
  • Insulation: If you’re venturing into the lands of the ice and snow, Thinsulate and Gore-Tex are your thermal warriors, keeping the frostbite at bay.

Strapping In: The Closure Debate

Laces, Velcro, zippers—oh my! Laces are the old faithful, offering flexibility for a tailor-made fit. Velcro is the speed demon’s choice, easy on and off, while zippers are the convenience kings, quick to close but not always as rugged as the rest.

Sizing Things Up

Remember Goldilocks? That’s you finding the perfect size. Toes wiggling but heels secure, and comfort that lasts longer than your trail mix—that’s the sweet spot.

Color Your World

Finally, pick a color that speaks to you. Light hues for the sun-worshippers, dark tones for the heat-seekers. It’s your hike, your style, your story.

Types of Hiking Boots

Ever stood in front of a wall of hiking boots and felt your head spin like a compass needle in the Bermuda Triangle? Fear not, fellow trailblazer, for the quest to find the perfect boot needn’t be a mythic odyssey. 

Let’s break down the types of hiking boots so you can match your footwear to your adventure like a pro.

Trail Runners

When the summer sun is beaming down and the trails are calling, trail runners are your best bet. 

They’re the sports cars of hiking footwear—lightweight, breathable, and just the ticket for those easy, breezy paths. 

Ultra-light and breathable, they’re all about keeping you swift on the trails. Just don’t expect a fortress around your feet; they’re not the fort knox of the boot world.

With less weight comes less support, so save these for your light pack days and well-groomed trails.

Trail Boots

Now, when the going gets tough, the tough get trail boots. 

These bad boys bring the brawn with sturdier builds and more support, perfect for when you’re shouldering a heavier load or venturing onto more punishing terrains. 

They’re the 4x4s of boots, ready to handle the bumps and grinds of your hiking escapades.

Ankle Boots

For those prone to doing the ankle twist tango, ankle boots are your dance partner. 

They come up higher to hug your ankles snug and keep them in line, reducing the risk of sprains on those treks where the ground feels more like a mogul ski run.

Winter Boots

When Jack Frost is nipping at your nose (and toes), insulated winter boots are your feet’s best friends. 

They’re like cozy cabins for your soles, keeping the cold at bay so you can enjoy winter wonderlands without turning into an icicle.

Barefoot Styling

For the hikers who want to feel the earth beneath their feet, barefoot styling boots are your jam. 

They’re minimalist, letting your feet flex and breathe as if Mother Nature herself gave you a high-five. 

Just be wary of sharp objects—these boots are for feeling the ground, not impaling your foot on it.

Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

These boots are like the armored trucks of the hiking world—full on waterproofing, support, and protection for when you’re venturing into the heart of wet and wild conditions. 

They’re a bit on the heavy side and not the most breathable, but hey, no one said conquering monsoon-like trails was a breeze.

Low-Cut Waterproof Hiking Boots

When you’re aiming for that middle ground—lighter than the tank-like Gore-Tex but still wanting to keep those puddle splashes at bay—low-cut waterproof hiking boots are your go-to. 

They’re like convertibles: top down, wind in your hair, but not built for off-roading. Great for those leisurely hikes on sunny days.

Lightweight Hiking Shoes

When you’re racking up the miles and the only water you expect to see is in your bottle, lightweight hiking shoes are the ticket. 

They’re like wearing a pair of wings on your feet—airy, light, and built for speed. 

Just don’t expect them to keep you dry in a downpour.

Approach Shoes

Mixing a bit of hiking with some light climbing? Approach shoes are like the Swiss Army Knife of boots—good for scrambling up rocks and taking on light climbs. 

They might not be your first choice for a multi-day trek, but for versatility, they’re top-notch.

Water Hiking Shoes

For the hiker who doesn’t mind getting their toes wet, water hiking shoes are a dream. They’re like aqua socks with superpowers—fast draining and toe protecting. 

Whether you’re navigating through canyons or wading across rivers, these shoes are your aquatic sidekick.

Hiking Sandals

When the heat is on and the trails are easy, hiking sandals are like a beach vacation for your feet. They’re all about keeping things cool and breezy. 

Just be mindful of those pesky rocks and sticks; sandals are about freedom, not foot fortresses.

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