This is the best wheelie bike

After scouring countless of products, I discovered the Socal Fly to be the best wheelie bike, surpassing all others.

As an engineer and seasoned cyclist, I’ve spent countless hours mastering the art of balance and showcasing my tricks on two wheels. My expertise coupled with meticulous research led me to the Socal Fly, a bike that seamlessly blends performance, comfort, and style.

The Socal Fly’s sleek frame, durable materials, and precision-engineered components set it apart from the competition. Its lightweight design and responsive handling make it a joy to ride, while its oversized wheels provide stability and control, ensuring smooth and effortless wheelies.

While the Socal Fly excels in all aspects, there are subtle nuances that you may not like for specific riders and riding styles. That’s why I bring you a list of the best wheelie bikes out there.

Keep reading to delve deeper into the Socal Fly’s exceptional features and discover why it’s the ultimate choice for wheelie enthusiasts.

Socal Fly

The best wheelie bike overall

For those of you on the shorter side, or for the young guns just starting out, the Socal Fly might just be your ticket to wheelie town. 

With its 24-inch skinny tire and rim brakes, this BMX bike screams accessibility and fun. 

It’s the perfect starting block for mastering those wheelies, giving you control without overwhelming your stature.


From personal experience, the Socal Fly has been a fantastic beginner’s companion. 

It’s the bike that I cut my teeth on, and it’s been a forgiving and helpful teacher. Sure, the rim brakes might not be top of the line, but they get the job done without breaking the bank. 

Plus, that skinny tire? It’s a dream for quick swerves and slick control.

Who is it for

  • Short riders, ranging from 4’7″ to 5′ tall
  • Wheelie beginners looking for a friendly start
  • Anyone seeking a BMX bike that won’t fight you every pedal of the way

Blocks Flyer

The best budget wheelie bike

The Blocks Flyer steps up the game for folks between 5′ and 5’4″ tall. 

Much like its cousin the Socal Fly, it sports a skinny tire and rim brakes but brings a reputation for being a robust and dependable ride.


Running into trouble with the bottom bracket and freewheel might sound daunting, but it’s a simple fix for the Blocks Flyer. 

This bike is a solid investment for its price, especially for those yearning for a trusty steed that won’t let them down on their BMX adventures.

Who is it for

  • Individuals standing 5′ to 5’4″ tall
  • Riders wanting a wallet-friendly, sturdy BMX bike
  • Newbies eager to pick up wheelie tricks with ease

Fat Ripper

The best wheelie bike for balance

Are you between 5’3″ and 5’8″? The Fat Ripper is calling your name.

Those wide tires aren’t just for show—they offer incredible balance for nailing those combo moves. 

Swerving might be a bit tougher, but who needs to swerve when you’re pulling off stunts that keep eyes glued on you?


The Fat Ripper is a standout in the wheelie bike lineup. 

Those tires that keep you steady as a rock are a godsend when you’re gunning for combos and balance. 

It’s tailored for riders focused on the flair of the trick rather than the hustle of the turn.

Who is it for

  • Riders in the 5’3″ to 5’8″ height range
  • Those looking to master balance-heavy tricks
  • Cyclists who don’t prioritize swerving capabilities

PK Ripper

The best brakes on a wheelie bike 

The PK Ripper is no joke with its hydraulic brakes—stopping power is in abundance here. 

And those 27.5-inch wheels? They hit the sweet spot for stability and maneuverability. 

Just a heads up for the super tall or petite riders: this might not be your Goldilocks fit.


The PK Ripper is a middle-of-the-road marvel suitable for a wide audience. 

Hydraulic brakes provide peace of mind for the safety-conscious, while the wheel size balances the bike’s performance. 

It’s a stellar choice—unless you find yourself on the far ends of the height spectrum.

Who is it for

  • Enthusiasts craving the assurance of hydraulic brakes
  • Cyclists valuing a harmonious ride with mid-size wheels
  • Riders between 5’2″ and 5’6″ looking for that just-right fit

Beast Mode

The best wheelie bike for control

The Beast Mode is your go-to with its wide tires offering unmatched stability for both wheelies and swerves. 

Disc brakes? They’re here to make sure you stop on a dime, every time.


Personal favorite alert—the Beast Mode is a true juggernaut. 

Those wide tires will have you wheelie-ing like a pro, and the disc brakes ensure you’ve got control to match your newfound bravery. 

It’s the democratic choice for riders of all sizes looking to up their wheelie game.

Who is it for

  • Cyclists desiring the stability of wide tires
  • Anyone after the superior stopping power of disc brakes
  • Riders focused on mastering wheelies and swerves
  • People of various heights looking for a versatile bike

Crew CB29

The best wheelie bike for beginners

Let’s talk bang for your buck—the Crew Bike 29er delivers. It’s a bargain without skimping on quality. 

The V-brakes are smooth operators, and the bike’s components? They’re tougher than a two-dollar steak.


Having spent a good while with this bike, I’m thoroughly impressed. It’s the perfect entry point for the wheelie-curious. 

The V-brakes are a breeze to use, and the overall durability? It’s like finding a luxury watch at a garage sale.

Who is it for

  • Beginners not looking to empty their pockets
  • Those seeking a wheelie-friendly learning curve
  • Budget-conscious riders with an eye for value

GT Performer

The best wheelie bike for experienced riders

The GT Performer is like the seasoned pro of wheelie bikes. 

Its steel frame can take a beating, and it doesn’t shy away from jumps and drops. 

Plus, those V-brakes are like an emergency brake for your daredevil antics.


As a veteran of the bike world, the GT Performer 29 has earned its stripes. 

It’s the go-to for seasoned riders who want a bike that’s up for any challenge. 

The ride is as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, and the value? It’s a steal.

Who is it for

  • Experienced riders wanting a bike that can weather the storm
  • Those in search of a comfortable yet rugged ride
  • Value-seekers who don’t want to compromise on quality

Eastern Growler

The best wheelie bike for heavy braking

The Eastern Growler is a disc brake devotee’s dream. 

Its full chromoly frame is the Hercules of bike frames, and the components? They’re the Avengers of the bike world—powerful, dependable, and ready for action.


Having taken the Eastern Growler out for a spin, I’m sold. 

The disc brakes give you the kind of control that makes you feel like the master of your domain. 

And that full chromoly frame? It’s as sturdy as they come. This bike doesn’t just meet expectations; it wheelies over them.

Who is it for

  • Disc brake enthusiasts looking for top-notch control
  • Riders who want a durable, comfortable experience
  • Those seeking high quality without the high price tag

How to choose the best wheelie bike

✔ How do we review

When reviewing the best wheelie bikes at Geardventure, we took a careful approach that relied on our deep knowledge and direct involvement in cycling. Our process is based on extensive testing, complete research, and direct communication with experienced riders.

We carefully assessed each bike’s performance, strength, usability, fit, and suitability for different environments. Our riders tested these bikes in various conditions, from flat roads to the park, to give you the best recommendations.

We also value user feedback and take into account the experiences and insights of riders all over the Internet. We listen carefully to reviews and experiences from verified users in online stores, forums, YouTube, and real blogs. This approach allows us to provide a complete review that incorporates not only our own insights but also the knowledge of the wider biking community.

We combined technical expertise with practical know-how to produce these reliable reviews. As a result, you can confidently choose the best wheelie bike for your needs and preferences.

Check out or Review Guidelines if you want to know more.

Wheelies aren’t solely about showing off; they’re a testament to your mastery over your bike, a skill that improves your overall control, coordination, and adds a whole new dimension to your riding experience.

If you’re just starting, your goal is to get comfortable with the delicate dance of balance and weight distribution necessary for those first fleeting hops. 

For the intermediates, it’s about stretching those hops into sustained glides, fine-tuning your body’s position and tapping into your leg muscles’ power. 

And for the wheelie wizards out there, the advanced bunch, it’s about pushing the envelope with stationary wheelies and jazzing them up with tricks that defy gravity.


The backbone of your wheelie potential lies in the bike frame. 

Lightweight yet tough materials like aluminum or steel are your best friends here, ready to endure the wheelie’s unique stresses without weighing you down. 

BMX bikes, with their upright seating, make balance a breeze, while dirt jump bikes provide that extra stability and adaptability across various terrains.

Wheels and Tires

Size does matter, especially when it comes to wheels. 

The standard 20-inchers offer agility and responsiveness—key traits for a smooth wheelie. 

And let’s talk rubber; you’ll want tires that strike a balance between minimal tread for that slick, easy roll and enough grip to keep you steady on your back wheel.

Fork Suspension

The fork in the road comes down to choosing between a hardtail, which gives you direct, stable handling for wheelies, and a front suspension that can smooth out the bumps when you’re not popping them. 

Keep the suspension travel on the low side to maintain that instant connection with your bike.


When it comes to brakes, you want power with finesse—strong enough to reign in your speed, with modulation smooth enough to keep you stable while you’re riding high. 

Disc brakes are the go-to for superior stopping power that can handle the unpredictability of uneven surfaces.

Seat Height Adjustability

Your throne should adjust as easily as your ambitions. 

A quick-release seat clamp is non-negotiable for those on-the-fly height adjustments, and a generous seat post length gives you the range you need to find that sweet spot for your wheelie posture.

Additional Features

The devil’s in the details, and when it comes to wheelies, you’ll want pedals that cling to your feet, keeping you in control, and a chain tensioner to keep things running smoother than your last wheelie attempt.

How to do a wheelie

Choose the Right Practice Area

Scout out a practice spot that’s as flat and smooth as your learning curve will hopefully be, free of obstacles that could cut your wheelie dreams short. 

A gentle incline can serve as your training wheels, giving you a helping hand with balance and control.

Progressive Practice

Start with wheelie bites before you go for the whole enchilada, gradually extending the duration and height as you get more comfortable. 

Make wheelie practice a regular part of your weekly ride—it’s the only way to get from shaky starts to smooth rollouts. 

And don’t shy away from asking for tips from the pros or attending a wheelie workshop; a little guidance goes a long way.

You will fall

The wheelie isn’t just about the physical feat; it’s a celebration of the thrill that comes with mastering balance and control on two wheels. 

Every mistake is a lesson in disguise, so embrace each tumble as a stepping stone to wheelie greatness. 

And remember, it’s all about the fun—so keep it light, laugh off the bloopers, and relish each little victory along the way.

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