This is the best beginner mountain bike

After testing over 10 of the best beginner mountain bikes, the Kent Trouvaille emerged as the top pick.

As an avid biker and engineer with years of experience, I’m well-versed in the intricacies of the sport and have the expertise to guide you towards the ideal choice for your needs.

The Kent Trouvaille stands out for its lightweight frame, efficient drivetrain, and responsive suspension, making it a joy to ride on various terrains.

It’s as great at tackling mellow trails as it is navigating more challenging ones, providing a versatile platform for beginner riders to explore the world of mountain biking.

While the Kent Trouvaille is an excellent all-rounder, there are subtle nuances that may make another bike a better fit for specific preferences and riding styles. To help you make an informed decision, I’ll delve deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of each bike and provide insights into their ideal riding applications.

Keep reading to discover the perfect beginner mountain bike for your individual needs and embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of off-road cycling.

Kent Trouvaille 29″

The best beginner mountain bike overall

The Best Beginner Mountain Bike

If you’re dipping your toes into the world of mountain biking and crave a bike that can roll with the punches, the Kent Trouvaille 29″ is your beast of burden.

It’s not just about the ride; it’s about a bike that adapts to your growing prowess on the trails. With a versatile frame geometry, it’s like having a Swiss Army knife on two wheels.

The solid build of this bike can handle the rough with the smooth, making it a reliable steed for your learning journey. W

hen it comes to safety, those hydraulic brakes are like having a trusty co-pilot, ensuring you keep your cool on those heart-pumping descents.


Remember that time when rocky terrains seemed like a far-off dream? With the Kent Trouvaille 29″, that’s all history!

I’ve personally felt the difference a frame that’s designed to take on various trail types makes.

And its hydraulic brakes mean you’re in control, making those rocky encounters feel like a walk in the park.

Who is it For

So, are you the type who doesn’t want to be boxed in by a single trail type? If you’re nodding yes, then consider the Kent Trouvaille 29″ your go-to.

Ready to tackle a myriad of terrains with a bike that grows with you? Look no further.

Ozark Trail Ridge 29″

The Best Beginner Mountain for comfort

The Ozark Trail Ridge 29″ is all about fitting you like a glove.

With improved sizing options, it’s like this bike was tailor-made just for you.

A dropper post compatibility? That’s your ticket to a whole new level of trail confidence.

And if you’ve ever been let down by a previous model, this bike’s significant upgrades are here to make amends.


Climbing aboard the Ozark Trail Ridge 29″ feels like an upgrade in every sense.

The right fit is crucial, and this bike understands that. It’s like suddenly, every trail is more inviting, more enjoyable – all thanks to those thoughtful enhancements.

Who is it For

Comfort-seekers, listen up!

If a snug, confident ride is what you’re after, the Ozark Trail Ridge 29″ is calling your name.

Norco Storm 5

The Best Beginner Mountain Bike for Difficult Trails

Aggressive trail riding requires a bike that doesn’t flinch at the sight of a gnarly path.

Enter the Norco Storm 5 – a bike with the heart of a lion and a geometry to match.

The hydraulic lockout on the fork? That’s your secret weapon for mastering those wild trails.

And because peace of mind is priceless, a lifetime warranty seals the deal.


The Norco Storm 5 and I have tamed some fierce single tracks together.

It’s not just about handling the ride; it’s about a bike that’s purpose-built for the thrill.

The lifetime warranty is like a promise – this bike’s in it for the long haul.

Who is it For

Are you eager to take the trail less ridden? The Norco Storm 5 is your ticket to an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Marin Bolinas Ridge 2

The Best Beginner Mountain Bike for Value

Everyone loves a good bang for their buck, and the Marin Bolinas Ridge delivers just that.

Value and performance shake hands here, with components that punch above their weight.

A wide gear range for those unpredictable terrains and reliable hydraulic brakes paired with a sturdy frame – this bike is your trusty companion, without the hefty price tag.


I’ve seen trails of all kinds, and let me tell you, the balance between affordability and performance here is spot-on.

Those hydraulic brakes? They’re like having a fail-safe in your back pocket.

Who is it For

For the budget-conscious rider who still demands quality, the Marin Bolinas Ridge is your golden ticket to the world of mountain biking.

Ready for a ride that delivers without breaking the bank? Hop on!

Kona Lanai

The Best Beginner Mountain Bike for Advanced Features

It’s a glimpse into the future, with features that smooth out the learning curve.

A drivetrain that offers versatility for various terrains, a frame that stands out with style, and components that mean business – this bike is a statement on the trails.


Riding the Kona Lanai feels like a leap forward. Those advanced features translate to a ride that’s seamless, efficient, and downright enjoyable.

Steep hills? They’re not so daunting anymore.

Who is it For

If you’re willing to invest in a ride that brings the latest features to the table, the Kona Lanai is worth every penny.

Ready to take your mountain biking to new heights? Let the Kona Lanai be your guide.

What to look for when buying the best beginner mountain bike

✔ How do we review

When reviewing the best beginner mountain bikes at Geardventure, we took a careful approach that relied on our deep knowledge and direct involvement in cycling. Our process is based on extensive testing, complete research, and direct communication with experienced riders.

We carefully assessed each bike’s performance, strength, usability, fit, and suitability for different environments. Our riders tested these bikes in various conditions, from the roads to the mountains, to give you the best recommendations.

We also value user feedback and take into account the experiences and insights of riders all over the Internet. We listen carefully to reviews and experiences from verified users in online stores, forums, YouTube, and real blogs. This approach allows us to provide a complete review that incorporates not only our own insights but also the knowledge of the wider biking community.

We combined technical expertise with practical know-how to produce these reliable reviews. As a result, you can confidently choose the best beginner mountain bike for your needs and preferences.

Check out or Review Guidelines if you want to know more.

Choosing Your Steed

When it comes to picking your mountain bike, the first fork in the trail is deciding between a hardtail and a full suspension model.


Sporting only front suspension, are the lightweight champions of the mountain biking world.

They’re not just easy on the scales but also on your wallet, making them a prime choice for those just getting their tires dirty in the world of cross-country riding.

Full suspension bikes

They absorb bumps with both front and rear suspension, providing a smoother ride on the gnarlier tracks.

They’re the go-to for the adrenaline junkies looking to conquer rocky descents and demanding terrain.

How much does a beginner mountain bike cost

Mountain bikes have a vast pricing range, and like a mountain trail, they can climb high.

Starting with entry-level bikes, they’re an excellent match for budget-conscious beginners.

Moving up to the mid-range, you’ll find a sweet spot of features and value.

For the seasoned riders who eat trails for breakfast, high-end bikes deliver top-tier performance, leaving no stone unturned.


The Guts and Gears

A trailworthy bike is more than just two wheels and a frame. It’s the sum of its parts, like a well-oiled machine.

You’ll want a derailleur hanger to take the hit during those inevitable spills, a threadless stem for fuss-free handlebar adjustments, and quick-release wheels for speedy fixes.

Don’t forget about a modular crank and chainring for simple upkeep, and disc brakes for stopping power that won’t quit on you, rain or shine.

Frame Material

Aluminum frames are the trusty companions of many mountain bikers, balancing durability with cost-effectiveness.

Meanwhile, carbon fiber frames are the featherweights, providing that extra stiffness and agility for riders who take their performance seriously.

Wheel Size

Wheels are the rotating soul of a mountain bike, and size does matter.

Traditional 26-inch wheels are versatile across terrains.

The 27.5-inch options give you that middle-of-the-road agility.

And then there are the 29-inch giants, which might take a second longer to get going but will steamroll over obstacles once they do.

Suspension Travel

Suspension travel is like your bike’s shock-absorbing superpower.

For new riders sticking to well-trodden paths, 80 millimeters of travel should do the trick.

If you’re looking to get a little more adventurous, something in the 100-120 millimeter range will cushion your ride.

And if you’re all about the downhill thrills, you’ll need 130 millimeters or more to handle the rough and tumble.


Rim brakes might save you a few bucks, but in the unpredictable outdoors, disc brakes are the way to go.

They’ll give you consistent stopping power, which is especially handy when the weather decides to throw a tantrum.


Choosing a saddle is as personal as picking your trail mix. Comfort is king, especially for those long rides where you and your bike become one.

And remember, it’s not just about the cushion—it’s about the height and the posture too.


Flat pedals welcome beginners with their no-strings-attached approach.

However, if you’re ready to commit, clipless pedals might just take your biking relationship to the next level with added efficiency and control.

Buying a secondhand mountain bike

Opting for a pre-loved bike can be kind to your wallet, but it demands a keen eye.

Inspect for frame damage, test the suspension, and make sure the brakes are on point. A worn drivetrain or wobbly wheels are red flags.

Ask for the bike’s backstory and always, always take it for a test ride.

Don’t rush—compare prices and stay alert for those too-good-to-be-true deals (they probably are).

Haggle if you must, and once you’ve shaken hands on a deal, celebrate with a tune-up from a trusted mechanic to ensure your ride is safe and sound.

Our Verdict

Whether it’s the Kent Trouvaille 29″, Ozark Trail Ridge 29″, Norco Storm 5, Marin Bolinas Ridge, or Kona Lanai, these bikes are more than just a means to an end.

They’re your partners in crime for those unforgettable mountain biking escapades, tailored to suit every new rider’s ambition.

Hit the trails with confidence, and don’t just ride – thrive!

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