• Accomplished Mechatronics Engineer with expertise in gear and products.
  • Certified scuba diver with an avid passion for exploring the depths of the sea.
  • Former Project Manager in a renowned R&D center focused on renewable energy and the environment.
  • Featured on various online outdoor blogs.


Daniel started his adventure and engineering journey during his early years in Spain. His father, an experienced mountaineer, played an important role in nurturing Daniel’s love of the mountains by teaching him the basics of hiking and camping.

After earning his degree in Mechatronics Engineering, Daniel gained valuable experience as a Project Manager in the renewable energy sector. His extensive knowledge of gear and environmental technologies set the foundation for his future pursuits in the adventure sector.

Daniel’s scuba certification journey was a turning point that changed his outlook on travel and the endless possibilities of adventure. He hasn’t stopped exploring the outdoors in his lifetime.


Daniel’s vast engineering knowledge and outdoor experience guarantee reliable and accurate information.

He combines his engineering expertise with outdoor activities. As a result, he has established himself as a leading authority in the field.

With Geardventure, Daniel has created straightforward manuals, provided equipment recommendations, and inspired people to go on their own exciting adventures while emphasizing the importance of safety and preparation.

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